Vinegar Balsamic – L’Arte dell’Olivo Spicy Pepper 250ml


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Our white balsamic gourmet flavors are made using our accolade-winning white balsamic aged in oak barrels for 4 years. Then, we add natural flavors that perfectly compliment the delicious white balsamic. The Spicy Pepper White Balsamic is a marriage of several hot peppers grown in Tuscany and the best white balsamic from Modena. The peppers you see inside the bottle have been carefully hand-selected, sliced and used to flavor the white balsamic. The result is a long spicy finish, a wonderful addition to vegetable dishes, roast meats or anywhere you want to ‘Spice it up!’.

100+ year old Vinegar house from Modena
Beautiful, elegant square stackable 250ml bottles finished with a wax dip that looks wonderful on your kitchen counter


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