Vinegar Balsamic – L’Arte dell’Olivo Yellow Mustard Seed 250ml


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Our new Yellow Mustard Seed White Balsamic is made with organic mustard seeds from Sicily. We infuse just the right amount of these delicious mustard seeds directly in the bottle. The result is a white balsamic vinegar with a very savory but not overwhelming mustard flavor.

Our white balsamic gourmet flavors are made using our accolade-winning white balsamic aged in oak barrels for 4 years. Then, we add natural flavors that perfectly compliment the delicious white balsamic. Trebbiano & Malvasia grapes are first pressed and the resulting grape juice is slowly simmered over a kettle for 36 to 72 hours to concentrate the flavor of the grapes and the sugars in the grape juice. The resulting syrup is aged in tightly closed oak barrels for 4 years to preserve the natural straw yellow color and combined with wine vinegar for the perfect balance of sweet and sour.


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